Public Policy

  • The Tylenol tampering case settlement, negotiated by Corboy & Demetrio, led to tamper-resistant packaging for over-the-counter drugs.
  • A dangerous intersection where two drivers were injured was completely reconfigured after two substantial awards totaling over $30 million were obtained by Corboy & Demetrio.
  • The Chicago City Council enacted a ban on the use of cell phones while driving – the first of its kind in a major city- after Corboy & Demetrio, representing a crossing guard injured by a driver on her phone, became a forceful voice in support of the legislation.
  • After their 16 month-old son was killed in a portable crib that had been recalled five years earlier, the toddler’s parents and Corboy & Demetrio fought for product safety measures for infant and toddler products. Their efforts resulted in the Danny Keysar Child Safety Notification Act which went into effect June 28, 2010. It requires manufacturers to maintain a system that would notify owners of recalls and other product safety issues for many infant and toddler products. The first step in advocating for product safety was taken when Corboy & Demetrio and Danny’s family refused to agree to the confidential settlement agreement demanded by the makers of the portable crib. Many others had agreed to confidentiality but that would have kept the family from talking about or publicizing the dangers of the crib.
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